Summer time thirst traps- for men.

Well Sugas, its that time. Weather gets warmer, clothes get smaller & brains get fried.

If a female is wearing any portion of a bathing suit in public, and there is not a pool (or running fire hydrant some of you) within a 5 mile radius. Trap.

Bathing suit tops for shirts- Trap.

And these are “Pasties” to be work as an alternative for bras, but UNDER your clothing. If you see ANY, female out wearing these as a fashion statement, she has taking hoe status to a new low. Run.

Sundresses- there used to be a time where short shorts reigned supreme. Now its sundresses with no drawls. Trap.

Body piercings & tattoos, if you have either of the licences to pierce or tattoo, expect business to go up. All the more reason to have an excuse to show off their new work. Trap.

“Fitness” photos- now we all know gym memberships are about to go up, but anyone taking pictures in the gym knows how to “show” their level of fitness for attention. Trap.

Fishnet shirts or dresses- Trap.

Fellas, if a female invites you over “to lay out” (and tan) or hang by the pool = a clever cover for her to invite you over and see her practically naked. Trap.

Heels by the pool, enough said. Old school Trap.

Its clearly hot as hell, and you just casually have on black, suede BOOTS? Nah…


Reminders that its so hot, they’d rather be naked- we get it. Trap.


And one-piece anythings, on a grown woman is surly a trap. Well, you see why, that poor fabric has to stretch every which way. Ratchet Trap.


Well, yet again I’ve given you an inside scoop. Don’t end up with a winter time baby messing with a summer time hoe.


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