He said this was signs of love…

So over the weekend this “list” from a very well known “doctor” (I don’t know if he is actually a doctor or not, didn’t care to look either) but what I DO know, is there are plenty of women who SWEAR by this dude, eating up everything he says. I just have a small rebuttal:

11 Ways to tell if a guy really loves you:

1. He gives up a night out with his boys to watch a movie with you! Wow. That means you really are important to him.

– Ummm you can/will give up the booty, his boys can’t offer that perk.


2. He cleans up after himself and even cleans up the apartment on his own once in awhile. This is huge and also means he’s probably a keeper!

-Key words here is “once in a while” and if you going stupid over basic adult responsibilities, I think you’re a bit simple.


3. He agrees to go with you to dancing or cooking classes. It’s a way of him showing he wants to truly bond with you.

-Gotta see what this sudden interest in, & check out the scene to make sure there’s no competition.


4. He calls you for no reason. Dude is hooked. His nose is so deep he calls just to say “hi.” Talk to him. He doesn’t have anything to say. He just wants to hear your voice.

-I HIGHLY doubt a dude keeps calling just to hear your voice.


5. He remembers birthdays and anniversaries. He looks forward to the opportunity to show you how much he cares.

-With today’s technology its easy to put in a calendar reminder for the day of something special in which you’re giving up the drawls.


6. He’s touchy feely even when he knows there is little chance of him getting the stuff that night.

-Little chance is better than no chance at all.


7. He can’t stand you being mad at him. Cross your arms and look at him like you’re angry and he’s not going to say, ”What did I do?” he’s going to ask, “What can I do to make it up to you?”

-This is just annoying, “what can I do to make it up to you” is a stretch. Dude may ask once or twice what your issue is, say “nothing” if you want…


8. He introduces you to everyone – his boss, his friends, his dog and even his momma.

-This just means you’re better than the other ratchets and worth being the trophy piece. Almost legit.


9. He has eyes only for you. Seriously. He will stare at your for no reason. He’s admiring his work. Yea – his. Men are possessive by nature and will show pride in what they have, and that includes their woman

-Yep. Arm piece/trophy wife.


10. Let’s you have your way, even when, you know, he still ain’t gonna score the booty that night.

-Maybe not tonight, but tomorrow is a new day. All roads lead to panty-ville! Always, not doing your crappy chick stuff for no reason.

11. His favorite song might “Fortunate” by Maxwell.

……….. -_-  What??? This may not have JACK to do with you, maybe he just likes Maxwell, and what if his favorite song is “These hoes aint loyal”? -C. Brown?   or “Bitches be like” – Rico Love


All I’m saying is don’t fall for the banana in the tail pipe. Game recognize game.


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