something is better than nothing

The thirst is REAL!!! I can’t even believe this is life.

This past week a MUGSHOT came out over this dude who is a known felon, connected to robberies & shootings… And the thirsty birds are ready to ban together and drop them drawers.

Bottom line, some people would rather have , anything, a piece, fraction, of SOMETHING than nothing at all. Some people would rather take the scraps, burnt ends, costume jewelry, and obviously bruised fruit to have something to show off.

Sad part is, this is a common relationship appearance, people will put up with liars, thieves, gold-diggers, people who beat the life from you everyday, but they look good- and you finally got somebody, desperate ass.

These women are seriously bothering the police department, for a FELON. Now if you look at some of these tattoos, I’m willing to bet this is not his first run in with the law- or dangerous/illegal activity.

By midday Thursday, his mugshot had more than 12,200 likes and nearly 3,000 comments, while it had been shared more than 300 times on Facebook.

Admittedly he does have the same features as  model- but clearly not the same lifestyle.  Idk, maybe you can write the jail and get a spread of cell block C or something. This man is clearly dangerous, but the lonely birds do. not. care.  He may be safer in jail at this point to be honest.

Guys, if you’re between 5’11 -6’2,  I suggest you hit the gym,   have a square jawline, get some colored contacts and a few tattoos.



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