Is that what I have to look forward to?

Hey Sugas, so I been gone for a minute. Got a new job which prompted this post. I think I’m gonna write a collection “chronicles of the grumpy old men”

Here are some of the questions I have to ask:

What the hell is up with that hacking/coughing/ choking/phlegm filled sound you keep making?

What is growing out of your ear and when are you going to trim it?

If spicy foods give you heartburn, why eat 12 mini Slim Jim’s a day?

What the hell are you doing sitting in the car an additional hour before coming in?

What is causing you to keep burping?

What the #&^% did you eat that has people passing out in the halls?

You do realize you’ve told that story AT LEAST 2 times- a day?

Aren’t you a bit old to be bragging on stuff to impress your friends?

Are you aware that squirrel will not answer you?

Who showed you how to use Facebook?

If you just said you have a bad knee/back/ shoulder/ hip whyyyy do you feel the need to challenge every young man at something physical?

Why ask someone to write you a list then ignore the list?

What the hell are you so angry about?

You spend your whole life telling kids to speak up, why are you mumbling now?


Well, that’s it for now- I’m sure I’ll be back with more


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