With all of my… half(rant)

So I’m trolling about and I hear someone talk about how in love they are and how great it is to be in an actual 50/50 relationship. Ive been seeing a lot of the 80/20 rule lately, and being in 50/50 partnerships.  As “great” as that sounds, I’ll keep being single, and hear me out on why.

To be in a relationship, no matter what kind that is 50/50, although those two sides equal 100, means that you’re only giving 50 and they are only giving 50… So you’re giving and receiving an entire… HALF.

What I thought one SHOULD want is someone who gives you 100% of themselves and make you want to give them 100% as well. Since when did it be such a great thing to be in a 50/50 situation? Now when that other half of them, the one you don’t see leaves your ass, stabs you in the back or decide they don’t like you, remember you we’re okay getting the 50% that did.

Now quite possibly I am thinking way to far into this (I tend to do that). Shouldn’t you give 100% to everything you do? Not measure how much, because possibly you did something last time, so technically its not your turn? If you are in any situation in which you’re able to say how much you’ve given or received sounds like you’re looking to settle the score, which leads me to think you’re score-keeping. Why are you in any situation where you need to keep score on how you are treated?

Here’s what happens when you are paying attention to the score or percentage of what you feel you are getting or deserving of… It makes you selfish. You’re now seeing that “what about me” or “I always have to do everything” instead of allowing yourself to just give freely its a tit for tat, where you only feel the need to do, because someone has done (or not done) for you. Its the same when I hear people say “They just make me so happy” … so selfishly (usually without knowing) they are with someone not because they make them better, or they want to give to the other person, yet because when it all boils down, the other person makes THEM feel a certain way, which to me means once they are no longer doing that for you- you want out, since they are no longer doing (whatever) to make YOU happy. (never mind what you did for them)

Thats all, I’ll stop ranting for now.



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