But I do and I look good doing it…

Funny thing about confidence, its a safe place that allows you to lie to yourself. Sometimes, you think you’re doing something / are something, and in reality… its just not working out that way.

Just because you’re attractive doesn’t mean you’ll get who you’re attracted to, doesn’t mean anyone will/has to be attractive to you really. Not that you aren’t attractive, just the people you may encounter, as great as you look, aren’t in their eyes. Everything ain’t for everybody.

You can cook, provide, pay bills, buy gifts, have the best sex in the world, take care of kids (even the ones that aren’t yours), walk the dog, … you get it. All that means jack sh*t to someone who isn’t ready to receive that, and more importantly doesn’t want that from YOU, not that there is anything wrong with you, you’re just not right for them.

Long story short, everybody doesn’t want what you have (especially when other people have it too). Stop thinking you’re the best thing since sliced bread, then in your feelings when you get shot down. Now don’t get me wrong, people aren’t stupid, they aren’t gonna pass up a good opportunity to prey on you and all you have to give, they just won’t be giving back.

Some of y’all are “holding down” people with no jobs, not looking for a job, cheating, beating you, in jail, and openly using you. At what point does that loyalty begin to reflect stupidity?

Answer: well, it doesn’t until you realize & open to accept whats really happening.

So, what you do, have & how you look don’t mean jack to someone that simply isn’t interested. Stop telling people how great you are / will be. (Just makes you look desperate to sell yourself so you’re not lonely) You’ll never “have” someone fully who doesn’t want to be there, its just your turn.



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