real vs rude

Why do people think because they say whatever is on their mind means they are “keeping it real” or “being 100%” hiding behind that title to take away from them being assholes?

People want to be the hero, the big shot who isn’t afraid to speak their mind, but people are also cowards and don’t like confrontation, so if they can be “real” but have a backup to hide behind, just in case things go south, they’ll take it.

If you’re saying something you KNOW you wouldn’t want someone to say to you… no matter how “true” it may be… then one would think you wouldn’t make yourself a target by saying it to someone else. People are also stupid.

Obviously I need to take it back old school, if you don’t have anything nice to say- then SHUT THE HELL UP! (okay, maybe that was my interpretation) People usually only grow a pair in situations they feel confident they can win; their kids, lower management at work, the cashier at the grocery store, anyone they are paying for a service or who works for them.  By no means are they saying whatever to whoever. They know very well who they can bully.

What these people never take into consideration, is the people around them in the long run. Never thinking there is a reason their kids don’t tell them anything, they don’t have many friends, their spouses don’t want to devote time to them, and others never go out of the way to be nice- why would they?

Now there are times you’ll give people the truth and the whole truth and it won’t be pretty, but you do so when they ask, and if circumstances are absolutely necessary, not just when you feel like giving people your opinion or make some type of point so you’re superior.

On that note, watch what you say, who you say it to, how you say it and when to say it. For every comment you make, there is one being formed to say to you…




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