TMM Recap

@KEMPSAIDWHAT ·  GOOOOD MORNING PEOPLE> Sorry I’m late. Had to pick up our company lawyer from jail. He slapped a cop. Let’s get started.

  @KEMPSAIDWHAT ·  Annie the Asian lady stated that she doesn’t mind doing pedicures during her lunch break, but don’t show up at her cubicle barefoot.

 @SuperVan66   Ya boy Sweet Willie from Collections has them boiled peanuts and pig feet 4 sale…see him at lunch if interested.

@BTXpress11  we cool wit the LGBT community, but please…PLEASE take dat “Sluts w/Nuts” poster down TreManda!!!

 @4gotcommonsense The company photo came back… Nothing but bottles, kush, middle fingers and ass… Were using it too, sending it to all yall grand mamas.

 @KEMPSAIDWHAT ·  Before you sign up to being a dish to the Potluck next month remember, not everybody eats the Cow Tongue and or Pig Feet.

  @KEMPSAIDWHAT   Mailroom Derrick is trying to raise money for his 6 year old daughter to send her to Twerk Camp, he’s selling now laters at his desk.

 @ebonynichole  We don’t mind you doing hair during lunch, but anyone who “borrows” the color toner cartridge for hair dye will be fired.

 @4gotcommonsense ·The delivery team is wondering how to incorporate durags into the uniform? Open to suggestions here ppl.

  @4gotcommonsense options for the holiday party Lil Romeo doing all of his ICDC hits or motivational speaking on being black from J. Beiber

 @KEMPSAIDWHAT · If you do use the quiet room on the 7th floor for your “meeting”, please make sure you flip the cushions and febreeze the
@BTXpress11 · We got that loan! Er’body’s get’n Galaxy Note-like TracFones. U only get svc ’round the office though…cutbacks.
@KEMPSAIDWHAT · If you take the jar of Vaseline out of the ladies room please put it back. Ashy Ashley has a medical condition and ya’ll know that.
@BTXpress11 · new employees R now subject 2 a psych eval immediately. No mo cazy-ass James Winstons in this office….”nosireebuddy”

 @ebonynichole · We know it’s Harambee festival month but please refrain from cooking chitlins & cabbage in the break room.

@KEMPSAIDWHAT · All of our paychecks this week will be $1.32 short. Since ya’ll didn’t wanna donate to to the Office Snack fund. We took it.
@BTXpress11 ·  somebody grab me a Faygo Peach & some Monkey Bread when Ms Vilma come thru with that cart?
 @BTXpress11 · due 2 the Ebola scare, Corporate has approved the use of “the Purge” masks….

@BTXpress11 · the 3rd floor daycare is closed till we find out who gank’d all the WetWipes & CapriSuns

@KEMPSAIDWHAT ·  I want our hispanic employees to understand that the “All employees must wear deodorant” policy applies to everybody.

@KEMPSAIDWHAT ·  I’d like to thank all of you who came out to our “Clothes before Hoes” clothing drive last weekend. We collected 200 Fubu jerseys

@BTXpress11 · Calandria, the PINK OUT this Friday is 4 Breast Cancer Awareness. Put your panties back on & shave that wolf-monkey!

Have a great day people, hope you got to laugh at our craziness!
@xvlusivelyshar / @4gotcommonsense

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