Those are fighting words

Sticks and stones may break my bones…

Man o man, we’ve all been there, in the middle of that argument, when they do it. Say that one thing that sets you off.

Words can only have the power you allow them to have over you. If a person goes for the low blow and says something they know will upset you- its because they know you still have emotion tied to the situation and it will hurt you! Now I’m not saying not to have feelings, but I am saying learn to control the reaction. Come to terms with your sh*t!!! Holding on to it, only hurts you.

At the point you’ve put your hands on a person, you snap, lose control, break down- you’ve lost, which was probably the point. Y’all out here going to peoples homes, searching people down, looking for the person over IG, Facebook or comments they said to somebody. How do you have that much time?  Some of your “friends” are telling you what he/she said. #1) that’s not a friend. Your people wouldn’t bring you that type of drama and upset. You friend, if they are loyal to you like that, pops the person right then and there and just tell you they handled it later. #2) never mind what was said, what you should question is how the person was so comfortable saying it to whoever brought you the news?

…but (they say) words will never hurt me.

If you own your flaws no one can ever use them against you.



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