He never listens to me

Recently got a complaint from a young lady who felt none of the men in her life, boyfriend, dad or boss listens to what she has to say. Ladies, here is a quick tip shorten what you say. Its not that men don’t want to talk to you, hear your ideas or feelings, however, they just want you to get straight to the point. Don’t totally blame yourself, I’m surrounded by grumpy old men ALLLLL DAY, so I know, they just have a short attention span.

Men will have up to  six mini conversations in the same 15 minutes a conversation between two women will have on one topic.  Men like talking to you, just not for an hour. Also ladies, determine if you want to have a conversation or just talk. A lot of times you won’t take a deep breath to let a man get a word in during this “conversation”. One of many reasons he stops listening. You don’t want to listen or converse, you just want to say your part. That’s selfish.

Now guys, there will be times you won’t want to talk, and a female will… sorry. Women are never too tired to talk- ever.  Men don’t realize that a woman’s idea of communication means listening to what she has to say. She does not want your opinion; all she wants you to do is listen. Why do women always end up controlling the relationship, well one reason is she can talk circles around you, you’ll forget things that were said, not care about whats being said.

Need a solution- make sure you’re not her “best friend” or ONLY friend… that’s a next level type of annoying.



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