You’re a bit…harsh

Why aren’t you more upbeat, or inspiring, more motivational?

Now I’m plenty inspiring and motivational. I may not be quotes, scriptures and kumbaya, but realistically you can get that every where you turn. Yes, I plays devils advocate. When you’re in a situation happy thoughts aren’t usually the first to cross your mind.  When you’re in something, usually people don’t think beyond the tip of their own nose.  I give you the other side, the what if,  I’m the common sense to you head in the clouds, the “what do i do” to your “oh sh*t”.

As far as being upbeat… yea you’ll get used to it. I won’t sugar coat anything, or spoon feed you bullsh*t, judging by some of the decision people have been making, there is enough of that bad advice going around already. Don’t like it the way it is,  go see someone else. The truth won’t change cause your feelings got hurt. At some point you have to stop putting band-aids on real situations and face them for what they are. The happy, fu-fu quotes are great for making your feelings about a situation feel better, but it doesn’t actually help. Not that I wake up and purposely decide I want to crush anyone that day, I just feed off what people bring to me, and present the other side, usually the one people choose to ignore since its not their way.

You can polish a turd all day, but in the end its still a piece of sh*t.







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