She proposed

Three-fourths of Americans say it would be fine for the woman to do the proposing, in theory.

This isn’t a new thing, the last few years there has been an increasing amount of women who want to get married (or just have a wedding) so the woman will propose… 

Now, I’m all for breaking traditions, and going after what you want. I’m also about maintaining images and not showing a weakness. Yes, it does LOOK weak to have a woman on one knee asking a man to marry her.  Impatient, rushing, desperate… words that will be said. Guys were all good letting you be a boss, earning more money, not have kids, but having him stand there, with his hand stretched out, while a woman is on one knee…emasculating.  If a man does not want that moment taken from them, STEP UP and take hold of your lady.

Women have this clock, and the closer to the socially accepted deadline she gets ,the louder the tick. Marriage, career, kids, traveling the world- some of the things that come with a certain age to be done. Marriage, isn’t on the top of a man’s “to-do” list, usually not even in a tops 5.  Now, no one wants to wait forever and granted, as long as a woman is acting like a “wife”, well- why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?! The mans purpose is to love, protect, and provide which a husband should do regardless of whom proposed to whom. I’m not getting into that “bible says” stuff cause its a never-ending argument.

FYI; men won’t wear a “man-gagement” ring, most guys feel weird wearing the wedding band.

Aaannnd because this needed to be weirder; women who were proposed to, 46 percent said they would be willing to split the cost of an engagement ring…

So which side are you on? Should traditional role’s stick and men propose to women, or have times changed enough for women to get down on one knee?

















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  1. First off I’m not opposed to wearing an engagement ring as a man. Secondly my girlfriend and I may get engaged sometime in the near future and we talk about it all the time, so the decision when it comes would be very mutual. We would agree in general but the actual event would be a surprise to her ( not much of a surprise). I think a complete surprise can be jarring, like that woman who turned down her man at a basketball game in front of the whole stadium. Thanks for provoking my thoughts, this is quite an interesting topic!

    • I saw that lady at the game, sad day. I agree it needs to be discussed if marriage is in the future before people go popping the question. Would YOU be okay with your girlfriend getting on one knee and proposing though? I think guys who are truly at that point in life where they want to be married have no problem wearing the ring, but if he isn’t really wanting to be married there is nothing but excuses.

  2. I could never be the one to get down on one knee and propose. I was raised by old school parents, therefore I have old school morals. If the man has not proposed there are two questions needed to be asked: 1) Does he see a future with me as his wife and 2) if it has been long enough (whatever time frame a women has come up with in her head), you should ask what is the hesitancy. Maybe each person has not expressed their future desires or maybe those desires changed somewhere along the way. Either way, communication is key.

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