females screw up too

Women always talk about how they don’t want to be bribed and bought, first of all STOP LYING! Females want to be spoiled, now guys no that’s not all. However, I’m not here to address the men today, I need to address the ladies.

Ladies! When you mess up, and you will. You need to consider the things you ask men to do when they mess up. First and most important, own your f*ck up!! Own it!! Don’t just acknowledge it, because that doesn’t fix anything. Ladies, probably the worst thing you can do while in a relationship is make your f*ck up minor or not that important. You don’t live in the mid of a man, and most of the time to spare your feelings a man will just walk away, so don’t assume you know his feelings about a situation. (*sidenote* guys, sometimes walking away won’t help future endeavors  you need to put a female in her place at times or accept she’ll always be walking over you, cause you won’t do anything about it.)

Fact of the matter is women are probably the worse at fixing a relationship issue that they messed up. They are only good for a few things, and women will not spend money to buy men something as a gift to say they’re sorry. As much as men allow you to think they don’t care, and aren’t that bright, men know when you buy something, you either messed up or are kissing up, women don’t typically just spend money on guys ‘just because , in the same manner they don’t spend money on you ‘just because’ they do it so you’ll shut up, or so they too get something in return.

“I’ll just put it on him real good and he’ll forgive me” or it wont be a big deal, uhh no bird, he gets that dried up, loose thang already. It ain’t nothing new, or something he doesn’t get anyways, so close your legs! Some things sex just cant fix, and sometimes sex is just sex for men, and you’ll still be up shits creek.

Cooking for a man, if you’re living together or in a serious relationship, chances are, cooking is something you need to be doing anyway, (* not stuff that comes with microwave instructions, that is not cooking) Don’t think you can cook for a guy and get him to just move past whatever you may have done. He had to eat anyways, and there are fast food places usually within a square mile radius, so again, not providing anything he cant already get.

Guys, stop being chumps, I know some fights aren’t worth the effort, but I guarantee if you keep walking away ignoring situations, a female will not only to continue to push boundaries, but also will see that behavior as acceptable and continue with it.

Ladies, you’re not always right! Get off your high horse, humble yourselves and accept the fact you can be wrong- often. This will make any future arguments a lot easier to move past when you can accept you aren’t perfect.

Typically when a female messes up she is not trying by any means to admit it was her fault, but will do/say whatever that will prevent a break up. What you cant do ladies is try to compare your mess up with pasts or always make you’re not a big deal, two wrongs don’t make a right. Its not that females don’t know they are wrong, but females are used to crying and batting their eyes and things are fine, all is forgiven. This is a trait learned at a very early age, and yes guys, it takes a while to break, however, ladies when you’re grown you gotta put on your big girl drawls and stop that shit.  When you grow up enough to enter into certain situations, you’ve gotta be ready to accept everything that comes with it and know how to handle it.



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  1. 3rdLegKickStand May 21, 2013 — 11:07 AM

    I could not find the words to say this… I used to be the “walker.” Because I didn’t want to deal with it. And I’ve gotten to a point where my emotions are limited. I have seen the “comparing” the “crying” etc. And I feel like that’s is the weakest ish on earth. I guess owning your mistakes is a concept that needs major translation. Well great topic, I don’t think I can write too much on this and not get pissed so imma stop here.

  2. Apimpnamedslickback May 22, 2013 — 9:12 AM

    Preach… Church… Tabernacle…. This is 2 Chainz “True” for the most part. Women definitely have a hard time admitting or owning up to when they mess up. Yet, they want us dudes to go through fckin circus hoops for them when we do the slightest little bit of something wrong. I really don’t know if it’s a pride thing for them or an social acceptable act that makes women think that the guy is suppose to just get over it or forgive them just because we are guys and can’t show emotion. I say F that, because if you mess up I’m calling you out on it and holding u to it. Sex being sex is also true. For one guys and girls like to have sex whether they are happy, sad, mad, or hungry. Two its always just sex for guys, women are the ones who make love lol. Yea a brother will definitely eat, and best beilieve that if he is mad enough and you cook thinking that will change his mind, think again. If he is that mad he will definitely bring some take out home or leave and go find something rather than eat your im sorry ass meal. On the flip side ni**as mess up to, difference is we try to pretend like everything cool until we see the look on your face or you mention it. But again guys will bury that emotion of feeling sorry and just say F it, I’m out, walk away or just ignore it. When in reality guys, there are a few things you should do to rectify the situation. 1. Put your foot down set some ground rules, or put your foot in her a** and I guarantee that situation won’t happen again. (And I don’t mean Chris Brown her) 2. Slap around or shake her up raise your voice a little but keep the base in it. Let her know that you won’t stand for the BS. 3. If all else fails call this number 1 800 CHOKEDATHOE! I will get you the results you need. Love peace and Afro grease

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