HE’s being a boss, you’re a bitch


There comes a point, in the life of many young girls where she has to make a choice. Become a bitch, or bow out. What I don’t get, is why there is a negative connotation with being a bitch? I love the person I’ve become. I get sh*t done! Not without being called every bitch in the book first though, if that’s all you have before you hop to it, then by all means- it get out, then get get to work.

Long gone are the days where women are just quiet, submissive, housewives, working on in “women’s” professions (teaching, nursing, secretarial).

I don’t apologize for not accepting mediocre bullsh*t,  for letting you use, mislead, and walk all over me, for disrespecting me, for taking advantage of me. If all it takes, to put a stop to this is to be a bitch, well then a bitch I’ll be, you can get the F8<k over it. At the point where a man has resulted in calling you a bitch, is just an adult temper tantrum because you’re not letting him have his way, or somehow “challenging” his manhood. You sir, can stop being a bitch, insecurity is not cute.



You’d be surprised the lessons girls are taught to “let” men do. Not because they’re incapable, not physically strong enough- but simply because she is to allow or make a man “to be a man”, or so he feels strong, or needed. Primarily because somehow “bitch” is an emotion. So being a bitch is a woman’s trait because she shows some sort of emotion towards whatever is going on.

Then there is me; Strike 1- I’m young. Strike 2- I’m black. Strike 3- I’m a woman, so imagine my level of tolerance for anything below my expectation. You can bet your entire life I’m a bitch. I work in a male-dominated industry, have my entire work career, if you think for one second I get respect by playing and being nice you are WRONG. The same way most men don’t think you’re listening until they yell, I have to be a complete bitch to get people’s attention to realize I mean business.

I don’t feel bad about it, I’ve made people cry, gotten people fired, hell in my profession now it is my actual job to fire people and with the straightest face, my bills give zero about your feelings.  So no, you’re normal “little princess” isn’t being mean, bossy, giving you attitude or being a bitch for speaking HER mind, her feelings, putting her foot down on what SHE wants, simply because YOU don’t like her answer, she’s just learning to think for herself and stand on her own.

Cheers, to you bitches!


“I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.” “Sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done.” -Madonna


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