#TMM recap – 8/16/16

Did you miss the #TMM? Don’t worry, you know I take minutes for you!


If you have a court appearance, please schedule the day off ahead of time. No more “remembering” it once you’ve clocked in.


The mailroom is for office business only. Our scales are postage scales, we aren’t equipped to handle “weight”

Shannon, if the coworkers keep calling you “Sparkle”, don’t get mad, you should have been less liberal handing out the flyers

Simone will be leaving us to start her own business Wig Dry cleaning shell b giving free washes @ noon in the breakroom

For our new employees please make sure you pick up your Company issued GO phones and prepaid minutes card.

For.those.who asked YES we will be having our annual Chittlins & Cognac Party. Please bring soda crackers

Our Billing Dept has a new manager, “Slick Ronnie” is what he prefers to be called. Yes, the whole thing “Slick” & “Ronnie”

Our office has decided to switch from regular Folders coffee to Yuban with a shot of Hennessey blend.

“Twerker’s knee” is not a legitimate call in reason. You better pop, lock and drop yo ass at your desk.


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