Why don’t they support me

Not only do I live it but I see several posts from young entrepreneurs all the time about how even their own friends don’t support them but will spend hundreds on celebrity products, clothes, shoes, etc. Now I for one, am not into buying t-shirts with one-word screen printed across it for $30… and 5 versions, from 5 different people,  that’s just me.

Here’s the thing, although I’m on this side… I get why it happens. Celebrities and the popular option are proven safe bets. With the way things are now, no one wants to be seen starting something new because that means you’re seen starting from the bottom. Those celebrities had to start at the bottom, that may not be the part them or their team wants to show, but it’s realistic. No one really skyrockets and there is a reason celebrities always push kids to “work hard” because generally, it’s coming from a place of experience, they had to work to get there. The celebrities that are supported have already passed the point of being a beginner, struggling, at the bottom, and if still standing prove they are “successful” or at least stable.

The problem comes in when YOU CARE!! So TF what- if you know you have a great product keep putting that out there. This is not easy, I will never lead you to believe that caring what others think will be that easy to let go, I will say don’t sweat over people who are supporting & paying your bills anyway! The world NEEDS you to share your gift, regardless of who approves, supports or likes what you do. There are plenty of people who don’t have the courage you do to go for it, believe it or not, there is more than enough room at the top. Someone will need exactly what you have to offer and will support it the way you see your “friends” supporting other people. Stop wasting your time worrying about who is standing around clapping for you (especially if you’re still learning, growing, creating) and get back to work.



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