A REAL man/woman…is getting on my nerve.

Y’all are irritating!!!!

First and foremost understand if you are alive, your ass is real.

Second, what you consider and proclaim to be “real” will not be the same to other people. The needs, expectations, and responsibilities will not be the same.  Example: “A REAL man takes care of his kids” now to ME this is an expectation, this has nothing to do with you being “real” these are your damn crumbsnatchers so yes, you are to take care of them.

I saw a post today “A REAL woman cooks dinner from scratch before he heads out to make that bread” a comment to that post was, “A REAL man makes sure his woman doesn’t go out to make that bread, REAL women stay and take care of home”. Everything about this interaction confused me. Again, you’re a real person- so you have to eat… and someone has to cook for you to eat. Care to explain to me what you consider the people who cook for a living?

Everyone loves a good title, everyone wants to seem superior, it’s a struggle to be visible as authentic (it’s not enough for you to just be it, you want others to see and acknowledge you as such). Stop putting your thoughts, expectations, (problems) and titles on THEIR life. What makes you- you will not work for them, their life or homes.

I’m going to end on this, youre a “real” man/woman… to YOU. Our priorities and definitions of the term are different.




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