Hood reform rules: Why I got so many forks?

For some of you, Olive Garden and Red Lobster are as high as the fancy scale goes, there are a few of you who will get a gift card from your boss to a place you’ve never heard of that’s “way out there” and will have more than one fork and glasses that don’t come with straws. This is for you.

The napkin goes over your lap- untuck it from your shirt.

If you leave the table, put the napkin next to your plate, not in your chair. When you’re done do not put it in the finished plate.

Don’t just start chowing down when your food arrives, wait until everyone has their food, greedy.

Eat to your left, drink to your right.  Any food dish to the left is yours, and any glass to the right is yours.

I cannot scream loud enough for you NOT  to BLOW OR WIPE YOUR NOSE at the table EVER!!!

Unless you’re 2, don’t blow on your food, if it’s too hot- wait.

Do not cut up your entire steak/ chicken at once, cut 2 pieces at a time.

A left hand, arm or elbow on the table is bad manners.



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