Groupon Dates

Let me start by saying, I LOVE Groupon. There is this line drawn where it’s either a love or hate when it comes to Groupon and the dating scene. Some people think it’s in bad taste for men to take a girl on a (first) date that has been planned and purchased through Groupon.

A man taking you on a hot air balloon ride by way of Groupon sounds a lot more exciting and impressive than a movie and 2 for $20 at Applebees… or “let’s chill”

A date is a date, the thought, effort, and consideration is a step above Netflix and chill. Y’all mad when he makes you do Dutch, y’all mad when the man is being financially responsible- pick a struggle. Now “most” people, while dating focus on building with a person, forming a solid foundation of trust, loyalty, compassion, respect while strengthening a friendship.

Here’s my thing, the best thing you can do with your money is KEEP it. Even if a person is well off and financially “can afford” it, that’s more money to do other, bigger things. Now those of you who “aren’t impressed with money” because you “have your own”, wouldn’t you appreciate someone taking you out when money isn’t the objective and they are getting to know one another? There’s a reason you see millionaire men dating women who don’t have money, they appreciate the little things, a lot more.

Now, a little tip for the fellas, if you know she’s the type of chick checking for your pockets (1st of all that’s a bad sign, run) or you don’t want her to know. 1)Make the reservation in advance and let the company know ahead of time so the price difference is already applied. 2) Get the attention of the staff when she goes to the bathroom (we always have to go to the bathroom) and settle the bill (if it’s an activity vs a restaurant).

For those of you who really like to save, let me suggest eBates, which you can use in combination with Groupon for cash back on purchases you make! Trust me, you’ll thank me later, link below.




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  1. Ain’t nothing wrong with a dope new experience sponsored by Groupon, show me you know how to find the deals cause imma do the same!

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