We can’t all be doctors and lawyers…

There are some careers that sound prestigious, others look at the glamor of celebrity life and others want the money that’s attached. Here is the thing, everything isn’t meant for everybody.

There are plenty of professions, that play an intricate part in everyday life that is often overlooked, frowned upon and made to feel less than. A lot of these professions effect you and you either don’t know it or make less of it until you need that person. Mechanics, plumbers, trash men, janitors,  etc are good examples.

Now I understand that a lot of people don’t want their kids encouraged to live certain professions, but if it’s for your child, as hard as it may be to accept- support your kid. I know drug dealers,  and the relation is, if it weren’t for those drug dealers, the teachers in charge of your kids wouldn’t have that bit of release to be bothered with your crumb snatchers. Now if YOU need a break, what makes you think the ONE person, who has your bad ass kid plus 15-20 more just like them doesn’t need a break. That’s too much even for someone who truly loves teaching.

Porn has saved plenty of y’all marriages, even when you didn’t realize.

There is a not so glamorous part of life, the dark parts, taboo life, professions that are frowned upon and not seen as acceptable by society but the reality is someone has to do it.  It’s the checks and balances that give those lawyers and doctors the opportunity to thrive, its what helps create the balance that keeps things going. No, it is not the life you want for your kid, but your choice may not be the life they want for themselves either.





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