But Cardi B isn’t from Detroit…

So Hip Hop artist Cardi B received The Spirit of Detroit award, and people (mainly from Detroit) lost their Joy road loving, coney eating, Belle Isle hanging minds! Now a disclaimer, before you try it… yours truly was born and raised on the east side of Detroit…

First, I don’t think people truly understood WHAT that award is and what it stands for. It’s not a key to the city, it reflects those who serve the city in some way. Keep in mind not everyone takes pictures to post while they’re out serving, we don’t know what this girl could be doing behind closed doors, not looking for an audience FOR our city. More importantly, it’s about the SPIRIT of Detroit.

Detroit is known to be the underdog, hard-working, hustlers who MAKE a way when there seems not to be one. Detroiters know how to survive, turn around bad situations & won’t give up until we’ve won. Detroit celebrates its results after hard work, innovation and appreciates life.

A Spirit of Detroit Award can be requested from any Council Member for a person, event or organization being honored for an outstanding achievement or service to the citizens of Detroit. Submission of the name of the person, event, or organization and the reason for being honored is required.

Now to play Devil’s advocate, it could be a way to hop on the bandwagon with whats hot right now and wedging into the “cool kids'” table, since it was the radio station who requested & presented the award to get in good with the hip-hop artist.

Just like Cardi B came up, transformed and worked her way up to success, Detroit has a long way to go get itself back up to the place it wants to be, maybe the vibes from Cardi can trickle down and accelerate success on some of the issues still left to tackle.


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