They earned it

Listen, when y’all relatives commit crimes, they have earned  any consequences. All the “free my fam” shirts and fish fry fundraisers are uncalled for. They got caught. Period!

Now this latest flood is the Meek Mill situation. Sir, you cannot be on probation which we all know comes with rules and we all know comes with a slew of potential consequences if you violate the terms of that probation order.  Now I understand sometimes people abuse their power, others want to prove a point to criminals, enforcing a maximum “harsh” sentence, but this is still a criminal and the “extremes” are still within a possible sentence.  You cannot repeatedly break the law and think authority is going to take that. If nothing else, all the punishment you should have been given will all be given at once.

And y’all swear against snitches until its your family thats locked up and you want anyone who seen or knows anything to say something.


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