I know you better than you know yourself

Yes, you may have known me since I was a kid, no it doesn’t mean you know me better than yourself, or better than I know myself.

Even a person that sees you every day cannot “know” you, the thoughts in your mind, the emotions unsaid, the little events experienced in the world that change you. Life constantly evolves, there’s no way to remain the same person. The silent depression, the times’ people snap and go on killing sprees, all had people who were close by. Do parents tell the police they knew their kids better than they knew themselves when asked if they knew their kid was a psycho killer?

Usually, people hold on to thoughts of the person they want and to get you to bend their way, they remind you that they know you.

How do you know who YOU are when you’re obviously spending your entire life watching ME? Since after all, you know me better than me, tell me about you…

If anything you may know me the same as I know myself, but since you’re not a mind reader, have no X-ray vision, can’t feel or decide my emotions & thoughts towards things, and experience life based on what I decide to tell you.  You know the version of me that’s on the surface and can be seen with the naked eye.





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