I can have friends of the opposite sex…

Help! My new girlfriend wants me to stop hanging with and being friends with some long term friends simply because she feels “she’s the only woman that should be in my life besides my mother”.

Well… here we go. Three main things

1) she’s insecure

There are some women who just are jealous and insecure. Has nothing to do with you, other women make her feel threatened and the only way she feels special is when she’s the only one in the room. There’s a missing piece of confidence that makes them feel less than. (No, they aren’t gonna admit it silly)

2) one of you have done something to make them that way

Maybe not exactly “you” this could be from a previous relationship or you’ve done something dumb to MAKE her feel other women are a threat. Are you always putting the other person first, Is the other person touching you the way they do, is the friend doing things for you they feel should be their job? Or that friend is doing something and you just don’t see. (Sorry guys you aren’t always the greatest at seeing the obvious). If you’ve broken her trust with another female before you’ve basically told her “I like you, but I like them better” so she has no reason to trust you around another woman.

3) she’s controlling

Classic way to get you to do everything she wants? Make sure there’s not another person in sight.

What to do? Well, that depends on what you want. No one will be able to compete with the person you’re sleeping with. Try letting your girl see she is important and explaining this is your friend, and letting her see that. Some of you are going to have to make a choice though, just based on the person you’re dealing with.


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