Til death do us…still together.

Question, does a death in the family mean you HAVE to put your differences, disagreements and issues aside??

Now I understand death “puts things into perspective” and makes ppl realize life is short and they shouldn’t hold grudges and forgive. However,… sometimes that’s not really enough or is it?

If I were planning to leave your life, for whatever reason, chances are there’s a slim reason for me to stay. Now some people do see the light and do a 180, however there’s also some of your ppl- who don’t, and over time go back to being a shitty person.

I understand the guilt, and a lot of ppl have to keep up this reputation of loyalty, but where do we draw the line??

Just because you may have been forgiven doesn’t mean it’s an invite back in someone’s life.


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  1. soooooooooooo sooooooooooo rite lollolololololol

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