Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time…

Lately, it seems that everyone is “’bout that life”, wit the shits, down for whatever, but no one wants to pay the price for it. YOU DID IT!

Actions have consequences, some are immediate, some are not, some will repeat until YOU’VE learned. Whatever comes after, just remember its because you did it. This is where self-accountability comes in, you were all for it while you were willing to make these decisions, own the whole process.

People hate the idea of asking for forgiveness and it’s not given, especially in the time they want. First of all, understand not everyone will give you unlimited and unconditional forgiveness, someone has to set a boundary somewhere!

Forgiveness doesn’t always look or feel how we want. Too often, people are too quick to deny and dismiss their wrong doings to actually let forgiveness even work.

Unfortunately sometimes due to people’s own personal traumas, its hard to forgive you, or even worse – its harder to let a situation go. So the person keeps coming back to it, leaving you frustrated because you feel like in forgiveness its never supposed to come back up- ever. Welcome to your consequence.

You can leave though! If you don’t want to keep carrying the guilt, you can re-invent the whole person and go where people don’t know anything about it.


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