The single friend

Now I don’t specialize in relationships but I was asked to discuss the “hating ass single friend” hahahaha, so here we go…

1st let me acknowledge this came from a dude who specifically wanted to acknowledge women who “listen to” their friends. The single friend plays a role on both sides, each role just has different responsibilities. See, with men, the single friends are trouble because they are out trolling, and looking to get laid but usually isn’t too emotional. Don’t get me wrong, women troll and look for hookups, getting drinks and such from men out at clubs/bars too but women act as an overall support system to their friends, essentially meaning shes in every step with you.

So once you have your girl, all you think is the single friend wants to take her out to meet more available men (that’s your own insecurities talking) or she always wants your girl to leave when you mess up – I mean you did mess up though. Yes, women tell one another everything, and that’s what you hate – being exposed to someone you’re not dating.

The single friend female is the one not dickmatized by you so she actually sees your f*ck up for what it is, just facts, and feels her friend deserves better than that. As most of you know, women are wired differently- were emotional beings, that’s why it was important for her, from the beginning to be sure her friends and family like you. Let’s be honest, in the beginning, you usually did just that, made sure everyone saw your charming, happy representative, and liked you.

I know men, when you get with your boys all you do is play ball, smoke and maybe play the game, that’s it. You’ve never been a wing-man in return, never helped lie to his girl about what y’all did, never accidentally met anyone by looking at fat asses in the gym. We already know, she came up to you!

Not to say single male friends don’t care, but it takes time and experience, this usually comes later in life, men aren’t usually invested in other men & their relationships emotionally unless like a major family member passes or something traumatic happens. Women are taught these village type bonds from the beginning, women are to be nurturers for one another start early in life to write about you being a jerk in bathroom stalls so other girls know, meanwhile the boy’s room usually has writings of sexual nature.

She has usually known these girls longer than you, has been through more with them, with other dudes similar acting, so her friend knows her and she trusts her friend and their opinion. Men just don’t care for the friends who have an opinion opposite of theirs, because it may cause their woman to make a choice that no longer serves them, or leave them single again.


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