rebuttal to that book…

Okay, straight to the point today, this is for those now over confident women who has read a certain book about how to think like the opposite sex. (I purposely chose not to use his name, or the actual book title for legal reasons.)

Now let me open up by saying I have read the book, and I have nothing against the book. I  do have an issue with the women who have read this book & now feel they know every aspect & rule in the game. That book provided SOME insight, not into the actual mind of a man, but more into how you as a woman should act when in the dating world. The fact that someone had to write a book to tell women how to act like a lady is sad, but that’s for another post. That book provided small snippets into the views of the average guy but keep in mind not all men are the same & at this point most men expect a good majority of women to have read this book therefore resulting them in changing the way things are. Most of these birds cant even think like a WOMAN, so why on earth do you feel all of a sudden you know the games of a man?

That book & movie, are just that, entertainment, products to be sold, & most importantly- scripted! They were written, no matter how similar the situations in it are, its still written, life is not. People can only offer advice from their experience. What may work once for someone may not work for you.

This book needs to be applied to the manners and etiquette you should already have & not you birds thinking that magically you know how to think like a man, because I assure you- you don’t! (Oh, I know y’all don’t wanna hear this) Now in this day and age some of the advice has you looking foolish & crazy. Asking a man a ton of questions & how he feels about you, good info to know but y’all are asking these questions on date 1 and 2, this man don’t even know you! If you have applied every piece of advice from this book to your routine, all that says is you knew nothing to begin with.

This book has become a life manual & bible so to speak to some of these birds. These women have resulted to desperate measures to think following the games in this book step by step is going to provide the foundation for a perfect relationship. Men think different from women for a reason, its not your job to figure them out, just how to take with you do have and mesh well with them.

Also ladies, lets just throw in one piece of fact, your new relationship adviser has been married THREE TIMES, so is this really someone you trust giving you successful dating advice? Fact of the matter is, you need to learn the same way everyone else does, through life experience. Puh-leeze put that book down, stop trying to live in a movie, face reality and live your life as it happens. Learn how to be a woman before you try thinking like a man.



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  1. Today females have a loose image of what a true woman is with the portrayal of how women are on television. Females no longer look up to the strong, powerful, and successful women that worked hard for where they are and what they attained. The going trend now is to make money fast with no work (what reality television offers) and this is what females are now defining as a woman. If we look at reality shows, you see the struggle the women face when trying to become a strong, powerful, and successful woman but coming from the background of never having to work to attain MATERIAL possessions. If this is the new platform of what a woman is then, yes, the book was definitely needed. It is sad that it takes a man to outline and define how a lady should behave. To need to receive that advice from a man who has been married 3 times says a lot about where we are as females.

  2. Well put… Women have to many freaking high expectations on guys nowadays, especially after they read some dumbass book or watch a freakin movie. Let’s be real.. those people are paid actors with more money than any guy you will actually ever meet. and to be honest if you met a dude at that staus, he not gonna mess with yo broke ass anyway. Why would he settle for crumbs when he can have the whole pie. Honestly about 80% of women this day in age don’t have it all together and for a 50% woman to want a 95% guy you must be nucking futs. Let’s also be real about who we are talking about in this movie. It was a COMEDY, written by a dude who lets probably don’t know sht about a woman..y? Because he’s a man. Take it from me, guys really don’t know what women want all the time. Y, because y’all don’t even know what y’all want all the time. Also in life everysituation is different, no two are the same like a snowflake (JAY_Z Quote). Therefore, don’t think because you watched that movie that your opinion and thoughts should change how you act based on that. Granted you have to listen, experience, and observe many things in order to know how to act in the first place. Half of y’all observe, listen, and experience to much media bullshit and think thats how you should act. And another thing… a guys mind is very dirty for the most part and you really don’t want to think like us lol.

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