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*cues Zapp & Roger*

As easy as technology has made it for today’s society to keep in touch with one another, it has also made it easier to hide behind. But whats up with all the computer love now days? 1 in 10 online profiles have proven to be fake, the media floods often with people that have been kidnapped, raped & killed all from a real time meet up that went wrong. So with all the facts, why on earth would the number of people looking for love online continue to grow.

Most people who are desperate to be on these sites fail at realizing the why that got them there. The issue is people are on these sites legitimately looking for a relationship and linking up with people who are usually not & their lack of self esteem & social skills don’t help. But what I’ve got to know what the hell are y’all saying on these pages? How do you make these connections without seeming desperate?

There is no way possible you’re getting any real connection behind a screen,  ask any real life couple their weekend or date night plans, chances are its something normal. Ask that same question to an online relationship and they want the most elaborate set up imaginable.

Match, christian singles, E Harmony, blah blah blah, the list goes on & on. No matter what the choice fact of the matter is you people need to come back to reality. For all you know I made that profile, you just don’t know and you never will. Even if you meet in person, chances are you then have to start all over again because there is no way you’ve been told the whole truth. 

Even if you are an online dater, here is my one piece of advice to you, never ,ever ever invite these people you meet to your house. Hopefully I don’t even have to get into why this is stupid.


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  1. The reason people do it for the most part because deep down inside they are lonely and alone. Many of them have low self esteem or no courage to get out and do it the old fashion way. You know, where you go to church, restaurant, park (movie type places) and just speak to people. Many people have what I call social phobia or glossophobia. If you don’t know what that means utilize this unique thing available to you absolutely free at your local library or on your smart phone which makes you dumb called a dictionary… anyway, as i was saying people have to many worries and concerns about what others think so they hide behind the screen and pretend to be this fantasy person there not. Let’s take internet thugs for example, guys who talk a sht online knowing damn well they wouldn’t bust a grape. Back to the point, my point is that yes people are crazy these days so why would you want to meet someone online anyway… Haven’t you seen to catch a predator? don’t be the next victim of the booty warrior just because you were to lazy to go out and meet someone, and hell not everyone is meant to be in a relationship for some periods of time just enjoy yo mthafckin self sometimes.

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