Nice guys finish last

Probably one of the biggest complaints I hear from guys is how “the nice guys always finish last”. So lets talk about why…

One of the main reasons you chumps finish last is because you get noticed last. (I only call ya chumps cause you keep complaining about it) Not that this is bad, females see those that want to be seen, so unless you have a charismatic personality where you are okay going up speaking to women, or living a flashy lifestyle you’re not even noticed, not that this is your fault, its just that your competition knows how to be seen, blocking you from view.

Females who accept these men typically don’t stick around long. I use the term ‘accept’ because once again, at the time you were sitting in the background, this is what she got presented with. Now some of these birds love the life- you don’t want those scraps anyway so appreciate that all females won’t chase you, everything ain’t worth the catch.

Somewhere in their 20’s MOST girls re-evaluate their expectations to look for someone who is good to them and comes with some security. The trick is being the first ‘nice guy’ to come out of hiding after those expectations have been re-arranged. So, nice guys DO finish last, and that’s the female you want to be ‘last’ with, one who can actually appreciate you for the person you are. Seriously nothing can be worse for you then thinking you’ve found the one, who then chooses someone after you. Yea fellas, happens to you too.

Oh but I’ve heard your rebuttal :  you get a woman whose looks are fading, and who screwed around in her prime with other men, & demanding, so now you’ll be getting the ‘damaged goods’ so to speak, with someone who waited until she felt privileged enough to have other choices, or until she felt she no longer had choices and wanted the safe option. Well damn, do you want someone or not?

At some point, females will realize there’s no such thing as Prince Charming and it’s time to go after for someone who is tn the here &now,  treats them well and isn’t going to leave with realistic expectation.  Fact of the matter is, you need to be thankful to the bottom feeders, for helping make your timid behind something to appreciate. Maybe you’re single for a reason, you’re so worried about how the other guys got the girl, you need to be focused on working on you so you’re worth something a female wants to be with. No point in sitting in the corner if you’re not preparing yourself for what you want.

So nice guys, here are your options, grow a pair and start making your presence known (dont try to imitate these fools you see though, that can be seen through and its very obvious you’re putting too much effort into getting noticed) or sit back shut up and wait your for your turn. Until then just keep it moving right along.



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  1. Apimpnamedslickback May 10, 2013 — 9:19 AM

    Hey I don’t want no damaged goods… I want someone with the “new car smell” lol. Whoever said finishing last was bad, hey at least you finished. Whoever said it was a race anyway? Stuff like this you are supposed to take your time with. You don’t want to rush into all that fairy tale TV bullshyt anyway. You should take your time be very selective and cautious about who it is that you are choosing and who is choosing you. Everything happens for a reason, and if someone is meant for you or something is meant to happen, it will in its due time. And if nice guys finish last that means the same for nice girls… so those will end up being the ones together. Besides I’m tired of hearing about all these retarded females talking about I’m a bad B! No you’re not a bad B, your a simple B with probably not much going for you so you portray this image to cover up your insecurities. Now Mrs. Obama, That’s a bad B! (I’m not calling her a B just using the phrase. Please forgive me Barack!) and with that I’m out. Love, peace, and Afro grease!

  2. 3rdLegKickStand May 10, 2013 — 3:06 PM

    Welllllll. For starters let me say that any guy that rely on that “nice guys finish last” when it comes to females is a bitch! They use that as an excuse to mask their weakness and cowardice. It makes me sick. Excuses are the tools of the week and incompetent used to build monuments of nothing. Those who specialize in excuses (in this case) are usually trying to mask their bitch-ass-ness. (Yea I know that not how it finishes out.) Ppl confuse nice guy and whimp. And try to say they are the same thing. Well the are not. The nice guy has good intent etc. While the whimp is too afraid to even approach the female. Or make. It know that they are searching for something more. And let’s be real!!! These so called “nice guys” talk about well all he wanted was sex from her, when in reality that’s all they wanted in the 1st place too. (Then since they couldn’t get it, they put up the front “o I liked you blah blah blah”) and try to play the victim and say “nice guys always finish last.” -____- to ppl that do that bull shit. EAT A DICK! (I’m sorry for the language, but this topic is annoys me, well the ppl that are like that.)

    I am a nice guy. I approach woman and be straight up with them. Sometimes I get nervous and she might go on to someone else. But I never blame it on me being nice! That is straight blasphemy! Me being nice had nothing to do with my bitch-side coming out. (Just saying)

    I’m not saying that nice guys always come in 1st. But hey its life “you win some you lose some.” And some females are really just dumb. That just mean move on to the next one. But never blame it on being nice. If that was the case and he really wanted girls, he wouldve became an “asshole.” And wouldve got girls. but he can’t because being nice wasn’t the problem to begin with… It was he Bitch-Madeness. Just saying

    And then some ppl say “well I’m shy.” Well I’m sorry where in thee entire fuck does shy = nice? I’ll wait?

    • Apimpnamedslickback May 14, 2013 — 4:45 PM

      It’s a numbers game like the Jay-Z song… on to the next one

    • You bring such a good point, shy does NOT equal nice! but somehow that is what its been equated to. I have seen plenty of men change who they are just to emulate another guy they’ve seen get girls, I mean really? who does THAT? Many cases guys will use “nice guy” as their pick up line because they hear women say they want someone nice. My opinion, nice guys, the actual nice guys dont finish last, and they dont complain about their social or romantic status. Any guy whining about him being left wasnt an actual nice guy to begin with, he was probably a chump.

  3. The dudes who are always in high demand will continue to be in high demand even if they have a woman. Nice guys in this case will always get the low self esteem chicks that no one wants are who has been ran through. The alpha lion gets the pick of the prey. I just call it natural selection

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