whats up with the pictures?

So while having a conversation it came up how now a days it has become routine to ask someone for a picture of themselves.  I’ve gotta know! Fellas, whats with y’all asking for these pictures?!?!?!?!? Y’all have known a girl all of 48 hours and done asked for a pic.

So ima just lay it out, you seem super thirsty asking for pics early in the game. Things that go through a females mind first thought is usually, “ugh, really?!” Now yes, most comply, so they are not at liberty to complain or get mad if they are just gonna send a pic anyway.  However, when a female sends a nice profile shot its sooooo not what you want. Thennnnnnnn its “send me a sexy pic’… CREEPY!!!!! At the point a man is asking for full body shots, sexy, or swimsuit shots, we all know where the thoughts are. Now if you met in person- there is NO need for this shots, you wanna see the girl again or glimpse of her body, oh, I don’t know- ASK HER OUT! If you have met on a social site, well I get you’re looking for validation that this person is indeed who they presented themselves to be in the beginning.

I need to call in my fellas on this cause the ladies (not the birds that send you the club shot, a** on the sink shots, laying in the bed, “pajama” shots, oh the list goes on) want to know, whats with men asking for pictures???



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  1. 3rdLegKickStand May 12, 2013 — 9:54 PM

    Lowkey, I ask for pictures. But I tell them from jump that it is strictly for caller I.D. I don’t care to much for “sexy” pictures anyway for the simple reason. Just because you look sexy doesn’t mean I’ll have sex with you.

    Now there have been times when females just send me the sexy pictures anyway, and I mean hey I am a guy I won’t complain, but thatis not what I’m looking for.

  2. See, now YOU would be okay with a simple profile shot. So even with that, why do guys want multiple? I still have no idea why its acceptable or assumed to send the sexy shot to begin with. Not when in the beginning stages of dating anyway.

  3. Apimpnamedslickback May 14, 2013 — 4:42 PM

    I’m going to keep it real since Mr. 3rdleg wont. The reason we ask for pictures is to rate the girl, show it off to our boyz. The problem exist though when were exploiting this chick and we end up with them and then look stupid. Now your boyz dun seen every part of ya girl, but you have to sleep with her lol. But fa real y’all know what them pictrures is a prelude to sexting. It’s the start to seeing how far you can go with the girl w/o actually saying “Let me hit that”.

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