back to your box gentlemen

OK fellas, I feel an obligation to put this out there. When pursuing a female in the beginning stages there is a notable difference between expressing interest and doing entirely too much.

Yes a female wants to feel like she’s on your mind, but do NOT NOT NOT text & call ALL day!!!! This is irritating as fuxk! This makes you look like you have no life, and expect her to do the same. I mean do you really want a female that has nothing but time on her hands? The ‘good morning’ texts are cool, say that and keep it moving. No need to get into “how’d you sleep, what did ya dream about, what did u have for breakfast blah blah blah”   -_- stop that!

Wanting to see a female is great too, after all you’ve got to get to know the person, being in their face every day is no good. Now even if this is “the one” and you wanna spend your life with them, you’ll have enough time down the road to stare at their faces, don’t burn yourself out on them too soon. Wanting a female to ditch her friends for you- look man, just because you have no life doesn’t mean she cant have one.

Pet names! Listen, boo, sweetie, bae, honey blah blah blah, in the beginning is too much!!! After a while, honestly it just makes it look like you don’t know her name. Until you’ve been dating, past that beginning ‘getting to know’ stage, but actually dating, then you can introduce names, anything before that you’re making yourself too comfortable (and pushy) too soon.

There is no reason your friends should know about her and you know nothing about any of her friends. All these things just scream needy & clingy, we get it, you know what you want & will go for it, but slow it down.



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  1. Apimpnamedslickback June 10, 2013 — 9:54 AM

    Lol, I like this one. See I send good morning text just to let them know you were being thought of. Now whats wrong with a little extra convo to make it seem just that more personal and not just like a mass text message good morning. I do agree with all that every 5 minute stuff. You will get burnt out trying to text someone to often or be in there face to much. I personally don’t want to be around someone 24/7, and just because we go out doesn’t mean we have to stay the night with each other (unless there was alcohol involved) that’s another story. And yea I understand the friends thing, sometimes people just get caught up though and end up just dropping friends on there own without even being told to as well. Pet names, see if I don’t know your name I will just say hey… how are you. I won’t even acknowledge the fact I forgot your name on the third date lol. Or I just be like what up ya bicsh lol. Clingy is a bad look don’t do it, you will get dropped quick. Chill out with the puppy love BS and act like adults, not teens.

  2. I agree we do like the little reminders that we are on your mind, women should do the same and let the guy know he is being thought of as well. After a while just good morning texts get played when they aren’t followed by substance. The substance that is added lets you know that are into you. This is more than you just crossing their mind. This is them genuinely having an interest in you. BIG difference…..I mean you don’t sleep well every night, but it depends on the person.

    The annoying part about a guy texting ALL day is when you finally text back and they ask why didn’t you respond back earlier…..ummm obviously I was busy, especially if I normally text you right back any other time. <—-clingy

    I think everyone is guilty of the new relationship friend ditch. You find that new new love and you want to spend time with them. If they are truly your friends, they will understand.

    Pet names…..I started disliking them. I let my bf call me bae but a guy I'm talking to….deal breaker!!!

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