Does money really matter

Ok, I am well past over this question, you bums already know how much money you’re earning matters! You. Already. Know!

Long before now men were to be the providers of the household, what I don’t understand now is why men get up in arms when it comes to finances. Should money be everything or a determining factor? No, but it is a factor, a big one, no woman is leaving her home and comfort zone for someone unable to provide for her. Now before you even go there, I know the guys are gonna mention that whole independent woman, why cant a woman get a job, and they can, however as much as a woman may bark that independent crap believe me she wants nothing more than to know she can be taken care of.

Money is the end result of hard work, ambition and goals, if a woman works hard to support herself she probably doesn’t want to spend all her money supporting a man with no means. We’ve already talked about ambition, but again, ambition alone doesn’t put a roof over your head, pay any bills, or provide a comfortable lifestyle.

 Men flashing money, ok now yes gold-diggers exists, but if you’ve ever wondered why your money doesn’t phase all women, well, traditionally men are to be seen as a provider- so no, no one is impressed you have a little money, and depending on the female, what you are flashing may be change compared to what she’s used to, again all you can attract with that is a broke chick.

One piece of advice, if you’re suppose to be “the man” don’t ever tell a woman you’re broke or your money isn’t right, and if you do, just don’t do it repeatedly, trust me on this one, it is not a good look. We know the economy is bad, but women need to see you’re at least putting in effort and making strides towards something. Don’t ever, ever, ask a woman for money! EVER. DO. NOT. DO IT!!! You look weak, incapable and we dog you out! Real talk!



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  1. Gee, I was just going to ask you for 20 bucks until payday.

  2. Well, now that I haven’t offended you with my macho humor, I’ll try this: Ever hear the old Lefty Frizzell tune called If you got the money, honey, I got the time? Willie Nelson does it too. And if I still haven’t offended you…well, it’s still early.

  3. Apimpnamedslickback July 10, 2013 — 2:26 PM

    Money is the answer to all things. Time is money and money is time, and I don’t have either to waste. I will tell a chick straight up. I don’t have the money, why? Because I’m not wasting my time (money) on her $2 a**. Money don’t sleep, money don’t talk back, and money don’t take days off. Why should I, or allow someone else to.

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