Because I’m right

You people drive me crazy! The ego always acts to preserve the sense of well-being and sets up defenses to avoid feeling fragmented, however its also a sense of control, you’ve gotta have the last word, gotta be right, even if its at the risk of hurting others or being willing to have people never talk to you again. Worth it to you though right?

I think the biggest thing is with parents and kids, ever have a parent say “because I said so” which to me, is just I don’t know or have no more valid points to prove my case, so because i’m the parent, I can use this line to get my way (bullying!) simply because adults can not accept being wrong or corrected, especially by a kid, not really sure why (that could be the ego) but hey, if you’re wrong, you’re wrong, regardless of who tells you.

My favorite, “it’s not that I have to be right, you’re just wrong and I’m telling you (bullying), no idea it was your job to go around correcting people. however, you can’t argue with these people, that’s part of their game, more ammo for them to prove they’re right. 

Some of you don’t have big egos, you just can’t accept being wrong, this is definitely the beginning stages of being a bully, having to go above and beyond to crush any notion that you can ever be wrong. It seems the more incorrect they are proved to be, the more upset and commanding they become with you.

I grew up with this personality around so I’ve learned how to ignore it, but to those of us that must suffer through these crazies, here’s a question you can tailor to any argument, “would you rather be right, or happy (or on time,alone,ignored, ect) It WORKS!! I promise you, it works, here’s the tricky part though, if they say they’d rather be right, be willing to let them be right and you’ve gotta walk away.

“Confidence is not being afraid to share your opinions; Wisdom is not being attached to them.”    ~ LB Shannon

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  1. Hey! I can’t help it if I’m always right.

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