Naming your kids

By now I’m sure many of you have heard the big issue with a family in debate over naming their baby boy “Messiah” and the judge ordering them to change it to “Martin”. Real quick here’s my take- the judge allowed her own beliefs and morals to affect her job.  His name is not THEE Messiah, a judge decides  through careful weighing of evidence and testing of premises, not their beliefs, but that’s not what this post is about because I could care less what the judge feels. The real issue was the judge  was to “give him the name that she wanted him to have”.

(According to U.S. Social Security Administration statistics, Messiah was the fourth-fastest growing name for boys in the United States from 2011 to 2012. It ranks at Number 387, between the decidedly traditional names Scott and Jay.)

People, regardless of your social, political,religious standing be conscious of what you name your kids. If you didn’t get a jacked up, complicated name, you’d be doing your kid a favor not to give them one. As far as these celebrities are concerned, I think a few forget to remain humble enough to accept their life can drastically change as fast as they came on the scene and they will have to go back to being “normal”.

Your child’s name should not be a topic of debate of an icebreaker in any conversation. Hearing “that’s interesting” or “different” isn’t always a good thing, its kind of selfish to give them that name cause you wanna be special or seeming like something ‘important’ cause u came up with a ‘special’ name. Picture your kid at 50 having to introduce with these wild names, attached to a predetermined opinion and not being taken seriously, you’re better off naming your kid “whatthehell” cause I can guarantee that’s what the people who have to say that mess is saying first.

Things now as a professional I hate hearing in names:

a color

movie characters

having 5,6, or 7 names… -_- (ie, Michael Christopher Henry Thomas Williams…) That doesn’t even fit in any standard line space for requested information.

names originating from weapons… Gunner, Beretta, Blade.

Titles within a name (ESPECIALLY if you’re not royalty) King David, KingSolomon, LadyMarie. Or anything that would correlate them as (A) God.

After you’re favorite celebrity, putting a lot of significance into someone you don’t really know.

YooNeek (Unique) spellings, I REALLY HATE THESE!!! This has to be one of the worst, its tacky, looks bad, and makes it really hard to figure out pronunciation. Purposely misspelling a name doesn’t make it cute, different ( especially if its still pronounced the same way) or special  I.E: lists including such kree8ive variations as Linzi, Payzlee, Izayah, Leigha and Heighleigh , Mykailah, Qaiden

“Just a word” usually seen as middle names, are words thats not used as names, appears lazy, unoriginal and tacky. IE. Rocket, story, song, blanket.

And by NO means is it just Black people giving their kids these “ghetto” names, some of you other cultures have very quickly started coming up with this outrageous mess. I know a white guy whose three kids are named (deep breath) Rybykah, ChaKneal (Shanel), & Aymy.

See  for some of thee most outrageous name changes, you can’t make this ish up.

 These people are for-ever going to spend a good amount of time having to repeat and answer ‘can you spell that please’, just be conscious of your child having to grow up into and with that name, kids are already cruel so teasing might happen. 



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  1. 3rdLegKickStand August 17, 2013 — 5:27 AM

    My name is Olaposi_____27 middle names____ Omishope. Sooooooo….

  2. Reblogged this on Un autre Hater. and commented:
    Hahaha…A name is just a name though!!

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