The Ride or Die chick

From Ice Cube and YoYo’s “Bonnie & Clyde Theme” to Jay-Z’s “Me and My Girlfriend,” they love the fact that she is loyal, and trustworthy.  Oh, and the idea that she will never leave – no matter what is done. Now, stupidity… this is what I see a lot of people see loyalty as. Being loyal to somebody does not mean you should sacrifice your beliefs, freedom, and self worth. In other words, stop being willing to actually die dumb dumb.

Lately the term I hear all the time is people who say they believe in loyalty. The problem is some of you don’t know what that means, not just because you break its principles but some people genuinely don’t understand what it means. Some dogs are loyal to their owner- and even that is to a certain point, because if an owner is gone too long without food that dog will follow whomever  comes along with a meal- an opportunist. Loyalty comes in many different definitions, explanations and understandings. What (or whom) ever you’re being loyal to, pick how you want to display and stick with it.We live in a time where very few things last forever and vows are not taken as seriously as they once were.

There is a very thin line for many of you, between your so called loyalty and stupidity, and a lot of you have one foot on both sides. What gets me is how loyal people can be for the cause or another person without first standing by what they actually believe in.You will often hear people RANK the order of their loyalty.  “First, God, then my family, then the Detroit Pistons. (gotta rep the home team)”  Or whatever it is in their life that they given their loyalty.

Loyalty means staying true to your values, family, friends and spouse. This means you don’t deliberately hurt someone’s feelings or gain success by cheating. Loyalty is one of the best character traits a person can be known to possess.

 Basically be true to what you think is right, who you think is right,  Mindless devotion is not good though, and that is what too much loyalty can give you. Groupthink is defined as “the practice of approaching problems or issues as matters that are best dealt with by consensus of a group rather than by individuals acting independently; conformity.”
Not to cheat, hurt, backstab, or doing thing that you wouldn’t want done to you. You have feelings and a sense of respect for friends, family and love ones.

Never resort to stupidity thinking its you showing loyalty. A true friend isn’t afraid to put you in your place and sticks up for the other person if the other person is right. A true friend will risk a friendship by doing the right thing.

How many times have you compromised yourself, minimized your intelligence and success, or blurred the lines of what’s right to help someone else succeed? Here is the top three you should not do

1. Giving a man that is not your husband your last dollar

3. Accepting disrespect, public humiliation, etc.

4. Putting his (or someone thats not your child) needs before yours consistently


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