Top Ten Takeovers!

Okay Sugas, so I found a site that had many categories of top 10 things the topics vary, so I decided for the next few days I am going to enjoy every bit of picking these lists apart! Lets go! Keep a look out too, some of these may end up being a recording on YouTube 😉

Women’s Top Ten 1st Date Picks 

1. Restaurant – okay, going to eat isn’t too bad- I mean if nothing else, you have to eat. Just be prepared to pay for your self (just in case) remember act your wage! So don’t order shit you can’t cover. 
2. Taking a romantic walk – the fek! Its dark (more than likely) I’m strapped, are YOU? If something jumps off; robbery, fights… ect you are not going to protect me on a first date, and more over I don’t even know if you’re capable. Ladies, don’t pick this shit for a first date, being taken away from an area you know…
3. Park– maybe for those outdoorsy chicks, but most girls don’t do bugs, grass, screaming kids.
4. Coffee shop– nothing but talking here and (most) girl just love to talk- sorry fellas, but this is some bull, if you pick this and she talks you to death- you did it to yourself.
5. Live music– see this is tricky because someone may not like the choice of music and boredom, attitudes and disinterest in the other person will quickly set in. But if its at a bar, and you’re drunk it doesn’t even matter.
6. Comedy Club- now this one is actually a fun choice, but all parties involved need to have tough skin just in case you sit too close to the stage.
7. Zoo- What are you, 5?!
8. The Library- Someone is an “intellectual” and someone is likely to be left feeling stupid- don’t go here.
9. Amusement Park- pretty expensive place for a first date, and a bit chaotic, plenty of kids-if you like that type of thing. Nothing like riding too many rides and puking on your date, or having to defend being a coward.
10. Movies– the absolute worse idea! You want me to sit in a dark room for 2 hours and this is suppose to allow me to get to know you?  Nothing like going out with someone you don’t have to look at though.

This damn topic had so many submission, there are a few that I’m gonna add in another post, just for fun because I can’t believe people pick these places for first dates.

Y’all keep it sincere today!


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