gold diggers, grifters & go-getters…

See a gold-digger is a title not a position. I can call myself a queen, doesn’t mean diddly if that’s not my position. They all exists and honestly play with some of the same rules. I’ve been around both enough to feel confident to share this:

Know your mark – Whatever it is you’re after, you should know better than yourself. What they are capable of, where they’re going, what they are doing, what they like to eat to the deodorant they use. KNOW THEM.

Create a cushion- getting money fast is great, however there has to be something to fall back on, hold you over between marks or help build a future. If you’re not saving I at least hope you’re buying stuff you can pawn later (but you won’t have to if you save)

Somebody needs to know the truth- in the even one piece is off there should be one person, you know their number by heart and they know you, and what you do. Someone needs to be able to come to the rescue if necessary, without questions or a back story.

“The first rule of grifting is, you can’t cheat an honest man”- it is indeed a lot easier to tell, remember and support the truth. If there is ever a discrepancy- facts prove & support your argument. Use what’s already laid out in stone to your advantage.

Gold-diggers appreciate only money & financial gain. Grifters appreciate the money but also the drive, talent and resources that can be used to get (more) money (or whatever it is they need). A gold digger starts small then moves up, a grifter aims for the top- then pushes higher.

Set a deadline for each mark- Everything you do in life should have a deadline anyway. Now gold- diggers can linger a bit, usually because the longer they stay it seems like they are ‘there’ and they ‘earn’ their stuff. Grifters, get in, get what you need and haul ass!

Trust no one you meet- when people come around always expect they’re playing the same game as you. People will do and say anything to gain your trust and once they have it- you get played.

Don’t steal- grifters take what has been handed to them, stealing doesn’t make you a grifter, it makes you a thief, which means you suck at grifting.

Stick to one game- everyone has that one thing that works for them. Stick to it. Don’t be greedy or risky playing different angles, that’s how you lose focus and get caught.

Have no past-  the past is “baggage.” Baggage caused you to miss the next train out, (destination doesn’t matter). Baggage holds you back, by the time your job is done and a person even begins to suspect you, you should be thousands of miles away with a new name, address and phone number. An exit should be just as smooth as the effort it took to enter.

Tell them anything they want to hear to get the  assignment, then write it the way you want, but never convince anyone to trust you. Playing disinterested is actually better, they need you in their lives.

Okay, I’ve told y’all enough- can’t give away all my secrets! 😉


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