Manners you missed

There are SOME things, I think your parents may have forgotten to tell you

When you are invited to someone’s home for anything involving food/celebration- TAKE SOMETHING or help clean at the end.

Talking to someone with food in your mouth, cause if anything flies out and hits me, that” be the last thing you chew.

(Attempting) not to fart and burp in a room full of people- and excusing yourself afterwards.

Chewing with your mouth open- okay I’m not sure if this is a manner lessor or just irritating as hell.

Asking to take something from a party- no you may NOT take anything. Especially if you didn’t bring anything.

Bringing guests without telling the host.

Blowing your nose out in public- find a bathroom or empty room.

Grooming yourself in public- nothing worse than seeing someone clip their toenails.

“Forgetting” you borrowed money… -_-


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