Asking men what they are thinking…

Ladies, “so, what cha thinking” is a  loaded question. The fellas have been complaining about how much you want to know what they are thinking or asking them to open up about their feelings and the second they do- you shut down.

I’ll tell you why fellas: either whatever you said hurt her feelings. Oh people, the truth won’t change just because your feelings got involved.  Actually thats probably the main reason. Whatever you said to her, she has now taken on personally as her issue.

She doesn’t care about what you said. She can’t say that because it’ll make her seem insensitive but chances are she asked to be nice but doesn’t know anything about what the issue is, or simply doesn’t care and shuts down to prevent you from talking to her about it.

She actually wants you to ask her. Some people will ask about you, knowing they are having a bad day or have something they want to discuss. A female may ask you, knowing full well she has something she would rather talk about.

There you have it- reasons why she asked, the simple version.



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  1. 3rdLegKickstand July 10, 2014 — 9:41 AM

    Well idk. She ask a guy to open up. Guys open up. After she stops opening up leaving you to switch places. I don’t think that the guy meant immediately shut down.

    • Well you can’t exactly control what someone does with their emotions. Maybe she meant open up about certain stuff. I think it depends on how and what you opened up about. There had to be a reason she stopped opening up. It wasnt because she enjoyed these open conversations with him…

  2. Ladies,

    If you were to ask a guy what he is thinking and you get something more, address it or be prepared for the cold shoulder next time you ask.

    Do not use that as a gateway to speak on what you want to either. That’s selfish.

    It’s been a while.

  3. 3rdLegKickstand July 16, 2014 — 7:51 AM

    Lol. *picks up wrench to tighten wires* naw… I like you better like this.

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