my gift on #givingTuesday

Small Business Saturday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and giving Tuesday. I wanted to share with you what I decided to participate in for #GivingTuesday.

An art program.. because its needed. Have you seen these movies, squeals to movies that were already horrible, “music” on the radio, a random word spread across a shirt (that is priced for $75), too tight jeans (thats called fashion), angry & upset kids & asshole adults who lack creativity simply because they’ve been told, not to sing when they have a natural ability, not to drum on tables, color within the lines only, dress a certain way. It sucks to see kids forced into a life they aren’t meant for simply because someone else has told them they have to live, think and be a certain way to be accepted and live a “normal” life.

I sincerely hope that small gift, that got some paper, pens, music sheets whatever sincerely opens the gates for the future art icon.



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