Don’t guilt trip me for being great

Someone recently told me, “its crowded at the bottom, there’s more than enough, almost too much room at the top”.  There are 24 hours a day, unlimited learning opportunities, and the ability to choose. What people do with their time, talent, ambition & abilities is completely up to them.

I hate to say it, but to have someone want to guilt you based solely off of your success (whatever it may be) looks A LOT like jealousy/being a hater. I want you to feel bad because of what you have or have accomplished… and… I don’t have it (but wish I did) or I want it, something like it, or something better.

A lot of people want to make you feel guilty to get you to do something for them, help them out, lend them money, introduce them to someone you know, or invest in their dream.

Ask yourself which part you want me to feel guilty about. The long nights/ early mornings? The amount of debt I’ve run myself into? The family/friends lost chasing my dreams? Hours in public library teaching myself?  Don’t feel bad about a single one, you choose which sacrifices you’re willing to accept for the life you want.

It’s a lot easier for you to make it to the top when you’re not focused on someone else and their path. Now for some, it sounds easy or you think you’re already doing that- until you get caught up in details, reminded of something or knocked down. For others, they “aren’t concerned” but they will still watch.






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  1. Yes! People definitely want what you have without knowing or wanting to make the same sacrifices. Create and follow your own path.

  2. I love it! I grind intentionally!

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