“tell me/us your goals”

What are you working on? What are you doing? When are you going to…?  …… well I’m working on MY goals! aka I’m not telling you SQUAT!!!!

If you haven’t learned this about me, I’m not exactly one to share what I’m doing.  I strongly believe and advise you shouldn’t. 1)This is how your great ideas come to action without you (someone stole your idea and ran with it) 2)it’s one way to easily get distracted 3)It welcomes ALLL types of critiques (most of which you never asked for).

Protect your dreams & goals at all costs.

Everyone that has an opinion on the subject isn’t always qualified to speak. Now don’t get me wrong, they may have a title, or tell you they’ve been in the industry for years, but realize that doesn’t make them an expert in the path or way you want to do something. Everything isn’t for everybody.

Most of the time, it ends up being the people closest to you who will distract you from or turn you away from what YOU want… Husbands, wives, brothers/sisters, best friends, will tell you everything else they feel you’re better at, explain how it takes money (that you don’t have), tell you how someone else is already doing that, ask if you even know what you’re doing (there, I’ve helped you out, if you haven’t heard it before, you can’t say you didn’t know) But we can go there another day…

The moral of this story- shut up. If you actually want to pursue it, if it means something to you, something you really want, keep it close to you, work quietly, if you wouldn’t literally trust them with your life, don’t trust them with your dream/future.


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