Looking in the mirror

Why is it some of the most motivational, inspirational always have good advice giving people NEVER seem to apply all of their wisdom to their own lives?  We all know at least one person, who is always available to help you get your life together, then they do dumb sh*t? You’re standing where wondering how. This was the same person who just helped you get your life together.

I will say this, being one of those people, I am an accountability coach. I motivate and help people on a daily basis. We are the main people who have to intentionally remain humble. Never bee too grown, too successful, too “developed”, at the top of the game where you stop learning. From anything, anyone, anywhere, at anytime you can still learn, grow, develop, become better. The moment you feel you have it all figured out, you know everything, is when you start to lose.

People who help others face their issues typically fail to self-reflect, or question “is that me” while they’re judging you.


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