All I did was ‘Like’

Ahh, social media, you’ve made so many insecurities loud, exposed true stories, boosted egos and ended a lot of relationships.  Its just a “like” to a picture, no big deal right? Wrong! Some of you men know the women you’re with, and some will learn by way of social media. Is it wrong to “like” a picture or 2? What about comments?

Most of your gf’s know you don’t stand a chance with Beyonce, but Bionca, who used to be a tomboy in 3rd grade, suddenly built like Queen B,  who you’ve connected with… she is a problem. Depending on your lady you’ll either have no issues here- after all you’re human, you’re going to find people attractive, she won’t trip over a “like” or 2. Or you’ll have a battlefield cause your girl is having none of it. Simply put you shouldn’t be showing another woman she’s attractive or giving her attention in her eyes.  Commenting on the picture- that kinda crosses the line. Keep those heart eye emojis, “nice”, thumbs up… and gesture you question if another man puts under your girl’s photos.  Is it worth you hearing your girl screaming “is that what you want?”

So is there a line, and is commenting and or liking pictures acceptable?


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  1. It honestly depends. Me and my ex aren’t together and certain pictures he likes of certain people makes my skin crawl based off suspicions I had while we were exclusive. I’m not insecure but I’m no dummy either.

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