Who do you think you’re talking to?

I HATE THIS QUESTION/ STATEMENT!  We are having a conversation, one that involves me- and obviously YOU. Who else would I be talking to???

A favorite among parents, people of power or authority when you’ve struck a cord of discomfort (no matter how truthful) they just don’t like whatever you’ve said so they want to “know” (challenge) the statement because they feel you aren’t allowed to be saying that to them. But will say whatever to you… and you’re supposed to take it.

It amazes me how people can say whatever they want to you, but when you give them what they are giving you, all of a sudden its an issue. If you don’t like the way you’re being spoken to, perhaps watch the way you’re speaking.  All its really saying is “I don’t like that comment, it hurt my feelings” or in some cases a good place to admit defeat. The last is my favorite, especially among parents, who want to throw their authority around simply because they are lost for words or don’t know (this will become an issue with your kids’ communication skills later in life).


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