The Family Business

Like many, due to stay at home orders as a result of Covid-19, while at home I’m watching more tv- anything but the news. 

I had a chance to watch a show on Netflix, Uncorked. About a young man set to inherit the family barbecue business that he really has no interest in running, as he would rather follow his own dream of becoming a master sommelier. This got me to thinking, this is a pretty common thing. There is usually a family member who starts a family business, with the intention for them to care for the family, that person usually grooms the next generation to take over once old age sets in, with no regard to if that heir even has an interest in what the business is. Now sometimes it works out but almost always, eventually, it gets passed down to a kid who just isn’t feeling it. 

Oh, the disappointment when that child runs the business into the ground, disgraced the family, such a failure- you knew this kid had no interest in the life you tried to push them into! Wtf did you expect? 

Not that this young man didn’t appreciate the business, it just wasn’t for him. Much like a lot of parents, his father had no interest in hearing any of it. This father gives his child every bit of the cold shoulder (initially) before he finds his way to support. Why? Cause it wasn’t what he wanted… “You deserve a love that doesn’t require struggling first” applies to more than romantic relationships.

Later, the dad reveals how he abandoned his own dream and dropped out of school to take over the business from his father, you would think he would have been more understanding but- hurt people, hurt people. 
He looked at the family business as the only way to care for the family, talk about putting all of your eggs in one basket! So often we set to leave a legacy but without regard to letting the people, you’re leaving it to an individual. 


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  1. Great movie synopsis! I too saw this movie and really enjoyed it overall. Thankfully the father did get passed his hurt and decided to get involved -not everyone is even that lucky (the college friend/roommate in the movie). Some learn at different pace…but thankfully he didnt miss it.

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