Pay up

Your wrongs, even if for the “right” reasons have to be paid for. 
Oh Robinhood, taking from the rich to give to the poor- still makes you a thief!

If you break into someone’s house and steal all of their food to feed your family cause you have nothing, although it may appeal to their emotions, they are still within their rights to press charges against you for stealing. 
Sometimes we do things out of survival paying-no mind that for every action there is a reaction, that everything has to be accounted for. The reasons why you do what you do don’t matter, just that you chose to do them and it y’all has a reaction you’ll either be rewarded or punished. Not always right then, not always directly, not always in the way you expected but it always comes. 

Too many people want you to forgive or ignore their past, there are plenty of people who grow and become better in their actions but often even they overlook sometimes the crime simply still has to be paid for, and payment isn’t always immediate.

As I say all the time, people who choose to have kids are the ones to be wary, karma won’t come after you, it’ll come after tour kids and make you watch… watch them grow into addicts, go bankrupt, fail over and over, become bigger liars, thieves.


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