But I asked nicely…

Request: noun: an act of asking politely or formally for something.

verb : politely or formally ask for.

You know, I wanted to believe people weren’t so entitled, however, y’all cousins really think they can’t be told “No”, and I don’t mean the no that comes with an explanation to soften the blow, I mean the end of the sentence, that was the full sentence “no”.

Train your mind to be stronger than your feelings and I have to remind some people of that because of these grown crybabies who are throwing a tantrum because they can’t get their way.

An example, you request a day off work, it gets denied… you’re now in the HR office complaining about how those are “your” days off and how you will quit and go to another job who won’t give you a hard time about your days. (P.S. Check your handbook about this)

Men, asking women out, she says no, you’ve now called her every bitch in the book.

Here is where things get tricky, some people “don’t take no for an answer” and y’all annoy the hell out of people! There’s a fine line on when to keep pushing and accept the answer for what it is.


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