The Game

Hello everyone, it’s the real La Strick and I have something I need to discuss with my ladies. Today I want to talk about the game. No! I am not talking about that TV show that we watch faithfully on BET, I am talking about the games we play every day with men. I can bet all of my savings and liquid assets that right now somewhere in the world there is a lady mad at her man or man she thinking her man and is having a waiting to exhale pow wow with her girls! Ladies please be advised that I am guilty of this! We get mad and we turn to other women for advice about a man. This can lead to loads of misinformation and can be the ruin of your relationship. Now, if you plan on singing Mary J Not Gone Cry or Adele Rolling in the Deep and leaving for good then a little male bashing session with your girls could be therapeutic. However,if you plan on staying in the game then put that phone down and DO NOT tell all your girls your damn business! Keep that to a minimum.
1st Quarter: Waiting for his call
*Queues Vivian Green* music NO SITTING BY THE PHONE! Please girl go get YO life and stop it! He is not calling you for whatever reason most likely he is busy with whatever simple things men become overwhelmed with. It is not always the case that he is no longer into you or that he is cheating. Just let a man be a man! He could be working, playing video games, hanging with his bros, having a hard time etc. If he is not calling you stop bothering him and let him be a man and come get you. Please go find some productive things to do with your life. Men love confident women so stand tall in those pumps get snatched and find something to do that doesn’t revolve around him. Go do you and do it whole heartily because your happiness is not indicative of him being around.
2nd Quarter: It’s all about YOU 
Not to sound corny or cliché but at the end of the day it is about YOU. If he still hasn’t contacted you, continue making yourself a better YOU for YOU. Ladies I know this is hard because we care right? We care so much for our man so we automatically want to blow his phone up and ask him whats the matter babe? Did I do something wrong? Are you ok? Girl stop it! That man is fine and if he isn’t when he gathers his emotions he will let you know.If you truly are his woman he will seek you for support…eventually. We have to remember he is a man and men deal with emotions differently they don’t face them they hate them emotions make a man weak. So back to you. Work out take yoga, go shopping, have spa days, climb the corporate ladder, study for that exam, go out with FRIENDS. Have fun! Take trips. Be creative, now this do you time is not free reign to be a heaux by any means. Channel your energy in a productive manner and maintain that confidence and keep him in your heart but know that you fill it he’s just in it.

Ladies, stay tuned for the 2nd half of the game.


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